Can You Name Some Famous Online Casinos?

Imagine you’re on a quiz show, say “Who wants to be a millionaire?” There’s a question you’d like to answer but you don’t know what to say. If only you’d been asked to name some famous land-based casinos in Las Vegas, it would have been so easy.

You’ve been asked to name some well-known online casinos instead and the question is worth $ 500,000, big enough to finance your bankroll for a very long time.

You know there’s Las Vegas Casino, the most famous casino of all, but there’s no way you can come up with more. Then you remember the site you visited a couple of days before, and you rack your brain to answer the question. You only need to name eight; there are seven more to go!

Shutting your eyes tight, you try to recall the page. Then Lady Luck hits you benignly on the shoulder, and some names appear in front of your eyes:

You add and that makes eight!

There’s wild applause from the audience, and you collect a check for a cool half million bucks. Your head’s spinning but you’re profoundly happy.

When you get home, you look up the page to find out where you first saw those names that would win you such an incredible amount of money.

You find the page and give a whoop of delight: an Internet gambling site listing 25 of the best online casinos,

You’re happy to celebrate all night, and ready to try out the new games after downloading the software.

It may seem a fanciful story but one day the online casinos you can find on will be as famous as the casino icon, Las Vegas Casino. They are the stars of the new Internet age, the equivalent of the Las Vegas “Strip” but online.

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The group that runs has an impressive record of accomplishment in business. As long ago as the 1860s, this business, which now includes several U.S. corporations and a finance company, was starting out on its long path to fortune and prosperity.

It was to become, in the first part of the twenty-first century, the largest licensed operator of casinos on the Internet.

No business can survive that long without making service to the customer of paramount importance.

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