Brits Busy On The Internet

You may have read the news on our magazine about the increasing popularity of Internet gaming in the UK. The Brits, normally so phlegmatic, had a chance to get excited about gambling on the Internet when Wimbledon tournaments and the World Cup offered a great chance to place all kinds of multiple bets.

Internet gambling has also taken off in the UK because of a number of web sites devoted to the best in online gaming. Some of these sites are featured on the magazine’s list of Recommended Casinos and include British,, as well as

According to the latest figures, many people have been feeling lucky and winning real money at these top online casinos. Las Vegas style games, including a Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine, are proving irresistible to many Britons who until now have had very limited opportunities for betting.

The total number of UK land-based casinos is tiny when compared to the huge number of Las Vegas casinos, and many thousands of players have had only horseracing, bingo clubs or the National Lottery when they wanted some gambling fun.

Britons are traditionally fair-minded, so much so that they insist on forming queues for everything. They queue in the supermarkets to be served at the delicatessen counter, they queue at bus stops, and they queue in neat and orderly lines to buy tickets to visit Buckingham Palace or a live music concert.

Now they don’t have to queue to gamble online. The new Las Vegas style games can be downloaded free, and a suite of casino games can be installed on their home computers in just a few seconds.

The reason for the exploding interest in online gaming is also due to the fairness of the games, with guaranteed odds, which can be found at online casinos such as the British, the, and at Internet gambling sites such as

All winners are paid in 24 hours, or less, and that is what not just the Brits but all online gaming fans really want. There are also big sign up bonuses for new players. There is Live Chat support, the latest encryption software to make every transaction safe, and complete audit trails to satisfy the most pernickety of players.

Probably the most important of all these is the fact that players can trust the group that runs these online casinos. The group was actually established over 140 years ago! That was around 1862 when Queen Victoria, Empress of India and Defender of the Faith, still had almost forty years left of her sixty-four-year reign, and a time when gambling debts were settled with pistols at dawn.

This group has revolutionized Internet gambling by offering the fairest odds and the best games, as well as the widest possible choice of Internet casinos. To put their achievement into some perspective, and if they can repeat the feat, they will need to be around in A.D. 2142.

Unfortunately, no one alive now knows if they can manage another 140 years, apart from those successfully brought back to life with cryonic suspension techniques.

Most online gamblers have no interest in this kind of speculation. What matters is what is happening now, which online sites offer the best chance of winning, and if you win, how you can draw your winnings as fast as possible.

These games offer players everywhere, not just the Brits, flawless opportunities to enjoy gambling at its best. It’s not surprising since the group that runs these online casinos is now the largest operator of casinos on the Internet, and is the only group that players completely trust to deliver the best Las Vegas style games that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.